Introducing Floodlight Growth

June 13, 2023

Today I am excited to announce the launch of Floodlight Growth. Floodlight is a marketing analytics and ops agency built for early and growth stage companies. We partner with leaders to make data an asset and competitive advantage.

Those of you that know me know that this is a huge passion area for me. I love data. I love the process of going between the nitty gritty details and the big picture. It is the lens through which I understand and operate business. And while I love analytics and could happily spend my days digging into data, I also know the impact that a strong data-driven culture can have in accelerating growth.

I’ve sat in SaaS leadership roles (twice as VP of Marketing and most recently as the co-founder and COO of StackHawk) and I know the challenges of hitting increasing growth targets quarter over quarter.

That is what this is all about… growth, impact, results.

I couldn’t be more excited to be starting Floodlight so I can spend my time helping leaders of other growing startups leverage their data to drive growth.

Marketing Data Challenges

In short, Floodlight helps address three main challenges that leaders face when it comes to their marketing data:

  • 🧹 Lack of Clean Consistent Data: With all of the tools that are stitched together to make a modern GTM organization work, there is lots of data. The problem, however, is that the data is often inconsistent and is built to justify the ROI of the particular tool vs. creating an understanding of the marketing performance as a whole.
  • ⚙️ Ownership of Data Operations: If you decide to tackle the problem above 👆, putting a solution in place is a complicated cross functional challenge. Getting the right data centralized, cleaned, and accessible across tools requires an approach that draws on marketing, RevOps, engineering, and more.
  • 🤔 Deriving Insights from Data: Once you have data to dig into, actually pulling insights and leveraging that data is complicated. What does the data mean? More importantly, how does that data impact the strategy and decisions for my business?

These problems are fairly universal for any organization that drives pipeline and growth through marketing investment. And they are only becoming more important today as leaders are being asked to drive growth with fewer resources.

If you want to dig into these challenges in greater detail, be sure to check out the full post.

How Floodlight Helps

I’ve built Floodlight to be the marketing analytics and ops arm for early and growth stage companies. I know the operational challenges associated with hitting growth targets first hand. And I’ve also seen the impact of solid analytics foundations… decision making becomes clear, the impact of marketing is no longer a matter of opinion, and ultimately, performance improves.

Floodlight works as an extension of your marketing team, doing what is needed to hit your goals. As a general framework, we support you in three ways:

  • 🏗️ Building a Reliable and Accessible Data Foundation
  • 📈 Incorporating Data into Strategy Development , Decision Making, and Reporting
  • 🤖 Leveraging Data for Optimization, Automation, and Efficiency

If you are interested in learning more, check out the Floodlight website or shoot me a note at

Otherwise, be sure to follow along here for marketing data thoughts, tips, tricks, and more!