your Revops, handled.

delivering a best-in-class RevOps setup so you can focus on selling

floodlight is a revops and analytics agency that builds the tooling, process, and data foundations that you need to grow.

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what you'll get

delivering the RevOps backbone for modern SaaS teams

process and tooling

Establish the RevOps processes to effectively run revenue teams and deliver the desired customer experience.

reporting and planning

Reporting for the revenue org, the executive team, and the board. Leverage historical data to inform planning cycles.

full funnel visibility

See funnel performance from first impression through to closed won revenue. Segment by channel, campaign, persona, and more.

your wildest RevOps dreams fulfilled

all of the GTM data and process you want, right at your fingertips

sales automation

Manage inbound, scale outbound, and don't let anything slip through the cracks.

end to end funnel metrics

Metrics from first touchpoint through to closed won revenue, with all the relevant details

channel reporting

Detailed channel performance with conversion data through the funnel so you can optimize

campaign reporting

Campaign data to assess performance and impact throughout the funnel

attribution modeling

Attribution models for pipeline and closed won revenue so you can guide investments

tooling integration

Tie the tools and data from disparate systems together for visibility, automation, and growth

custom analytics

The analytics and reports to answer the questions specific to your unique business

...and so much more

RevOps is only as good as the growth it drives - we do what it takes to help you hit your goals

"Before Floodlight, sales and marketing had inconsistent conversion and engagement data.  Bringing all that data together into an agnostic platform that we owned highlighted significant disparities that we were able to correct, literally saving millions in spend while increasing conversion through the funnel.

Todd Vernon

Founder & CEO, VictorOps

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